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We provide technologically high-quality performance additives for the improvement of your paper production. As a result you will produce a better paper quality. And you will be able to produce more cost-efficiently due to savings in high-grade raw materials and expensive standard aids – topped by positive synergy effects regarding the runability of your paper machine. This way we can help you set new quality standards.

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CS Compact System GmbH

Based in Heidelberg, CS Compact System GmbH is an independent manufacturing and trading enterprise operating in the paper industry on a global scale.

Along with our partners and on the basis of our well-founded experience we are in a position to provide standardised products for multi-faceted applications in the field of paper production. Starting with the purchase and selection of raw materials and their respective chemical modification our aim is to achieve the highest possible affinity to your paper machine circuit.

High quality products are the result of both our adapted analytics and understanding of our customers' application technique and technology.

Our Philosophy

Our employees are motivated, innovative in their respective fields and always place their capabilities into the service of our customers. We give top priority to complying with a variety of different and at times very high quality requirements. All raw materials are undergoing a strict quality control in our well-equipped laboratories.

Our extensive quality management enables us to maintain and continually improve the high quality standards of our products and services. Our business is troubleshooting and any questions and problems our customers put to us we consider a challenge. Practical research and development rank very high on our list of priorities. In close co-operation with our customers we always aim to develop our products and services further and to making them applicable to our customers' advantage.

Customised Solutions

Functional additives for paper production

You can profit from our customised products and solutions and obtain optimal results for your production!

CS Compact System provide a comprehensive portfolio – we will suggest suitable types according to your requirements. In addition we develop or modify products according to your needs. Our aim is to supply customised products with the highest quality standard possible.

We should like to point out that our website only gives an overview of our product groups and respective ranges.
For further and more detailed information please contact us.

Retrosize sizing

Retrosize sizing

Internal Sizing Agent

Retrosize® is a highly effective synthetic sizing agent on the basis of succinic acid anhydride. Suitable for ph-ranges of 4,5 – 10,5 Retrosize® is applicable to all current pulp- and filler-formulations.

Retrosize® KD is a highly effective starch- and polymer-stabilised AKD-dispersion with a light to high cationic charge. As an internal sizing agent in neutral or alkaline fibre-systems it is highly suitable for any kind of paper- and board-production.

Surface Sizing

Retrochem® Phorb is a highly effective polymer-stabilised AKD-dispersion with a light to high cationic charge, suitable for application as a surface sizing agent in all kinds of size presses.

Retrochem strength

Retrochem strength

The synthetic Retrochem® Strength products are applied to improve both the dry strength and the structure strength of paper.

Retrochem flocculation: Retrofloc®

Retrochem flocculation: Retrofloc®

The high-molecular, cationic, anionic and non-ionic polyacrylamides are applied as flocculants in the production of paper and board. They are used to improve retention of pulp, fines and filler material. In addition these flocculants are effective in fibre recovery as well as in integrated water treatment plants. Most emulsions are also available in powder form. As a result of modern development we also offer water-in-water emulsions to meet future production requirements.

Retrochem Technology

Retrochem Technology

We are aiming at offering you customised overall solutions which are necessary to achieve a smooth and effective production process. For this reason and on the basis of our extensive experience we have developed products which - in interaction with our chemical components - provide a substantial additional benefit.

Retroquip® DS

The Retroquip® DS dosing units are semi-automatic and automatic polymer processing systems for the dilution, activation and dosing of our polymers.
The respective polymers may be delivered in barrels, IBCs or bulk containers.

Retroquip® PS

The Retroquip® PS are semi-automatic and automatic polymer dosing systems for the dilution, measuring and dosing of our polymers.
The respective polymers may be delivered in barrels, IBCs or bulk containers

Retroquip® ST

The Retroquip® ST storage and supply tanks are used for homogenisation, filtering and intermediate storage of our polymers.

Retroquip® UP

The Retroquip® UP powder stations are semi-automatic and automatic dispersing- and dosing systems for the processing, dilution, ageing, measuring and dosing of our polymers.

Retroquip® ASA Unit

The Retroquip® ASA units are automatic emulsifying- and dosing systems. They emulsify and measure our Retrosize® ASA with all technically expedient protective colloids feeding them online into the pulp system of the paper machine for internal sizing.


Our Retrolab includes mobile, instrumental measuring devices to aid our technicians on site.

Meeting Challenges Together

Individual consultation

Meeting customised requirements for a wide range of different applications in the field of paper production and at the same time securing the highest quality standards at low costs – these are the challenging tasks many enterprises in the paper industry are faced with.

CS Compact Systems offer you innovative products and solutions to meet these challenges. Not only do CS Compact System provide standardised products for paper production – based on their established know-how and long-standing experience CS Compact System develop new products according to your needs or modify them until they meet your customised requirements.

For any further and more detailed information regarding your special requirements please contact us here.


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